Commercial Lighting to highlight your business!

Let us help your business grow!  With Trimlight’s Commercial lighting system, you can highlight any storefront or large commercial building.  These bulbs are more than twice as bright as our residential line and allow any color combinations to complement your branding or events.  On average, businesses with Trimlight see a 15-25% increase in revenue.  Our system beautifully complements retail storefronts, medical offices, city buildings and more.  Our Commercial System is designed specifically to attract attention to your business with beautiful, bright, attention demanding lights.  Bring your business to life and stand out from the crown with our permanent programmable LED system.

Key Benefits & Features Of A Trimlight Commercial System

  • Trimlight’s Commercial system is accessed through the Trimlight app and can be programmed to a schedule for an entire calendar year.  This allows business owners to customize the colors, patterns, speed, transitions and brightness of the system, all on a smartphone or tablet to catch customers attention throughout the year.
  • The system is built with top-quality RGB lights that are LED and energy efficient. The channels match the trim of your roof line and the lights are easy to replace if one ever goes out.
  • Add a perfect splash of light on your business exterior and an added level of security at night or to highlight key architectural features on your business.
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