Permanent Outdoor, Color-Changing,
Programable LED Lighting

Trimlight provides bright, beautiful holiday and year round outdoor lighting. In addition to adding to the house, Trimlight offers elegant lighting solutions for patios, pergolas, gazebos and decks as well. Tiger Trimlight installs permanent holiday lights in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. 

You Control the Lights

  • App controlled
  • 16 million colors
  • Cloud based
  • 180+ preset patterns and animations
  • Waterproof and wind resistant
  • Calendar and my timer functions
  • Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • Music capability
  • Energy efficient low voltage system

Trimlight has provided bright, beautiful permanent outdoor lighting on homes and businesses since 2011.  Our proprietary mobile application provides user-friendly functionality giving customers the ability to easily program lighting colors and patterns that are completely customizable to meet any need for any time of year.

Using the same lighting system you can transition from the holidays, to game day, to the next season – go Tigers !! Easily set up the program to change from one set of colors to the next. Once the holidays are over you can easily change the colors to accent the month, occasion or mode. Trimlight’s new controller has tons of new benefits, an user-friendly app with cutting-edge technology, program millions of colors, patterns, and animations.

‍We offer a number of different lighting products to meet your needs

  • Permanent Holiday Lights
  • Globe lights
  • Patio Lights
  • Down Lights
  • Pool Cages
  • Commercial application


How Much Does It Cost

Frequently Asked Questions like how much does it cost, is there a warranty, and what happens if a bulb goes out

Different Types of Lights

Trimlight is your premier, permanent outdoor lighting and accent lighting system for your home. We offer a few different types depending on your home and what you want to add color too.

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Trimlight’s Edge can now be controlled by Alexa and Google Home. Simply ask Alexa or Google to turn your Trimlight lighting system to on/off or set to specific colors!