Video Tutorials

Our carefully-crafted video guides lead you step by step—from unpacking and setting up your Trimlight system to advancing your mastery to the highest level. Here’s what you can expect:

Interactive Experience: Dive into videos designed to replicate hands-on engagement with your Trimlight setup, ensuring you’re ready to create your unique lighting show.

Tailored Creativity: Learn how to tailor your programmable settings to match the colors of the season, your mood, or your favorite sports team’s colors.

Responsive Support: You hold the power to make every night an event, every change of color an enchanting ambiance. These video tutorials aren’t just the manual; they’re the gateway to your ongoing success with Trimlight.

trimlight video tutorials
edge controlling app
Connect Edge after you changed Router or Wifi

How do I set up and program the app that controls the lights


How do I connect my network to the controlling app Edge

How do I create custom colors and patterns


Connecting the app to the network

Using the Pre-Set programming controls

How to create custom colors and patterns

Setting up the timer and scheduling the lights

Want to Create a Stunning Lightning Effect? Watch Me !!!

Embrace the Spotlight: Become the Director
of Your Outdoor Scenes

As a proud member of the Trimlight community, you’ve undoubtedly appreciated the transformative power of your lighting system. With every elegant hue and perfectly-timed transition, your outdoor space isn’t just illuminated; it’s alive with your personal creative touch. And as the seasons dance past your doorstep, your Trimlight setup offers more than just light—it’s your handcrafted canvas to the world.