For areas that do not have a soffit or commonly found in commercial
applications. But also a larger or taller building should do our
Commercial Lighting system to offer the brightest application. Our
“Snap in Commercial Base and Channel” may work out best. This base
only requires a single penetration into the surface to hold the base
against the building. The channel is then inserted and fastened to the

How this installs…

  1. Align the channel to the appropriate area to ensure a level
    and proper look. This area may be below the gutter or below
    the drip edge / parapet cap. Attach the base with
    self-piercing screws through the back of the base as shown in
    the diagram. This can be installed below the drip edge kick or
    on the face of the flashing if sufficient space exists.
  2. With the base secured into place. Insert all diodes and electronic wires. Insert the channel into the base starting from the top edge first. Then pushing the bottom portion up into the base on the angle until the channel firmly sets into the base fully.
  3. In order to hold the channel in place and ensure that wind does not affect the finished product. Use small self-tapping or self piercing screws (1/4” or 3/8”) going up through the bottom lip of the base into the bottom of the channel to hold the channel into the base.

Once cover is fully installed. Use touch-up paint to paint the
screw head to give a clean installed look.